Please inquire...

Whatever project you have in mind, we hope you will contact us early in the process so that we may offer suggestions that could reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten the construction time.

Our primary service is construction contracting although we are hands-on,  performing the carpentry and troubleshooting for all jobs. We have the flexibility to do small jobs or large jobs but we specialize in mid-range additions and renovations. 

Custom Homes
It isn't often that you will find someone who provides consistently high quality in every aspect of building a new home. When we finish your home, we will eagerly show you the small nuances in mouldings, stair railings, and cornices that distinguish our work from that of others.

Whether you are looking for an addition or renovation that blends perfectly with your existing home, or one that is a showpiece of its own, our work will please the eye of any beholder.

Kitchens & Bathrooms
When designed and constructed properly, a bathroom can feel warmer and more welcoming that you could ever imagine. In many homes, the kitchen is the center of activity and we have a great deal of experience it making the kitchen functional and attractive.

Window & Door Installation
New or replacement windows and doors require special attention to seal out weather. Too, proper selection of your windows and doors can add an element of style and character. Heritage can assist you with the selection as well as installation.

Porches & Decks
We believe that your deck should be an extension of your home, yet a unique space that allows you to "get away" a little. As with all of our work, you will take pride in the visual quality of any deck constructed by Heritage.

Functionality is a key concern in a garage and we work with you to provide you exactly what you need in garage space. This may include weather proofing for second-story living space.

Our customers have asked for simple functional stairways that go relatively unnoticed, as well as stairways that can be the center of an entrance to your home.