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November 18, 2012

Finishing Touches

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Finally the plumbing fixtures and the shower doors are installed. We are just about finished

Frameless glass enclosure for shower.

November 6, 2012

Bathroom Remodel in an Antique Cape
































This job was in an old cape in Duxbury built in 1808.  It was post and beam framed.  The beams and posts were some kind of hardwood which I could not identify, very hard and reddish in color,  with marks of the adze visible.  In another old cape we remodeled here I found a King George III coin which I gave to the owners.  While pulling the ceiling down here, along with squirrels nests, blown in insulation, wood lath, horsehair plaster and 200 years of dirt swept through the cracks of the floor boards. There was one artifact, a piece of an old slingshot.  It had a very old type of cord woven from hemp.

The waste pipe from the upstairs bathroom had been leaking and the main beam it passed by and the outside sill adjacent to it were wet and mouldy but still structurally sound.  There were some other beams that were rotten but the rot looked old and not due to this leak.  The beam in the middle of the house and its intersecting beam had sagged considerably over the years relative to the perimeter built on stone.  The result was that the floor was out of level by about 2 inches in 7 feet.  I ended up rebuilding the floor by adding joists 16 oc between the beams and placing floor jacks on blocks under the sags and partially lifting the sag out of the beams.  I also used the new joists and subfloor to cheat the new floor much closer to level.



August 18, 2011

Tile Surround

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After finishing the dormers in Hingham, I moved on by myself to tile a couple of bathrooms.  Here are some pictures of one of them.

March 1, 2011

Small Bathroom in Duxbury

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This is a marble floor that resembles another one I did with the same pattern but that one was ceramic.  The 12×12 mats are honed carrera marble and the border is also carrera marble but tumbled not honed so I had to darken it with color enhancer to match the black dots in the honed marble.

My customers wanted a black border to break up the predominant white in the room.  In order to get the border to line up precisely with the baseboard and tub, I had to install the baseboard first, then install the border and then cut the herringbone tiles exactly into it.  This was difficult because the room was not square and the small pieces of marble will not cut precisely without shattering.

September 5, 2009

Another Bath Remodel

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We had to make a diversion from the 3-season porch we are working on to complete a bathroom we had started before but had to wait for the fixtures to come in to finish it.  We tiled the tub area and the floor. There is a separate shower which has Swanstone walls, this is a hard plastic which looks a little like stone when in place.  It is similar to Corian.  These quarter inch thick panels were very expensive and did not give the owners exactly the look they wanted, but it will be easy to clean.

The tub surround is tiled with white subway tiles with a decorative band of tiles with seagulls on a sea blue background.  I would recommend these tiles both for ease of installation and for a minimum of grout lines to keep clean.  They also are very nice looking.

Subway Tile Tub Surround

Subway Tile Tub Surround











The floor is done in small black and white tiles that come on a 9 inch square mat.  These have a rather dramatic look but I would not recommend them for any area that gets a lot of traffic.  The mat on the back makes adhesion problematic as just the right amount of thinset has to be used and they need to press into it exactly the amount necessary to keep the thinset from coming up between the tiles and yet achieve appropriate coverage on the back of the tiles to insure they will stick permanently.  These tiles are rather soft, I found the sanded grout easily scratched them if I pressed down too hard with the grout float.

Floor Pattern

April 27, 2009

Bath Remodel

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Tile Shower Stall

We did four complete bathroom remodels last year and another one in the winter of 2009.   In each case the entire old bathroom was gutted down to the the wall studs and then rebuilt.  This is a picture of one in Duxbury that we did last fall.

There are a number of issues to address when doing a bathroom over like this.   Most families cannot afford to have a full bath down for very long, so it is helpful to know the sequence and timing of the different tasks that need to be done.  Changes to the design and layout need to be considered. Materials, paint colors and fixtures need to be chosen. Fixtures and tile that need to be ordered should be scheduled to arrive  before work begins.

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