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August 21, 2010

Google Sketchup

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A drawing is essential for most construction projects.   I find that for any sizeable project it is best to hire a design professional, but when that is not feasible, there is an alternative to an expensive program or pencil and paper.  It is called Google Sketchup and is made available for free online.

Sketchup is a three dimensional drawing program which can be downloaded at Sketchup.com.  There are many tutorial videos available and a large community of users.    With Sketchup you can draw and view complex and precise 3 dimensional objects.   Its potential and versatility, especially the way it is linked to the larger Google community,  make it a useful tool to have on your computer and to be able to use.  But it is far too free-wheeling and unconstrained by convention to be little more than a toy, at least at the beginner level.

I will have more to  say on Sketchup later.  DV

August 14, 2010

Western Red Cedar Ceiling

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We are finishing up at this job, the screens will be installed later.  The most recent addition to the project is this red cedar ceiling made of 1×4 western red cedar.

August 8, 2010

16 Foot Slider

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On Thursday we installed this sixteen foot Anderson double sliding glass door in the 18 foot wall facing out into the screen porch.  We had to remove two 8 foot sliders that were there, support the roof and install a triple 12 inch lvl beam.  The new door came dissassembled as it would be nearly impossible to transport and manuever it into place other wise.  The assembly of the frame is pretty straightforward.  The critical issue is the base the door will sit on which has to be level and straight for almost sixteen feet and the opening has to be square.  After the frame is assembled and installed, the weatherstripping is attached to the panels and they are installed in the opening, fixed panels first followed by the rolling panels.  The directions are clearly laid out by Anderson and they are not complicated or confusing.  The only issue we had was that one of the rolling panels does not snap fully into the weatherstripping and stay put.  It slides back out opening the door slightly unless the latch is engaged.  We will have to take the panels out and try to adjust the weatherstripping to get it to work right.

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