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July 17, 2011


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We had to work into the weekend but the outside is done.

Front Side Finished

July 9, 2011

End of Week 2

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Courtyard View, End of Second Week

Front withWindow Wells

The week of the fourth of July we began framing the partitions and ceiling inside and cut the window wells on the front of the house.  Lilly Roofing finished the rooves in the  front.  One more week and it should be weather-tight.

July 4, 2011

Dormers Continued

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Friday 6pm

We had everthing covered up by the end of the week.  The roof will be done next week, along with the outside trim and most of the windows.  The front windows need to have window wells cut into the old roof in front of them.

Friday, July 1 2011Friday 6pm

July 2, 2011

Nantucket Dormers

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Mike Was Mad

Thank God for Blue Skies

We had a long week tearing open the roof of a beautiful house in Hingham and managing to get it mostly buttoned up by the holiday weekend.  We took a connecting attic space and framed double A-frame dormers with connecting shed dormers on either side.  The framing was quite complicated because all the roof lines and wall lines had to line up in the right spots, it was anything but a standard roof frame.  Lilly Roofing from Marshfield took over the red cedar roofing portion of the job as Mike and I were a little short handed for this job.

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