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April 30, 2012

Newell and Balustrade

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I replaced a contemporary railing from the 1970s with this one.  The newell is built up on the old 4×4 oak posts.  The railing was an oak 2×6 with flat oak balusters attached to the side.  I removed it and built the knee wall up to the height of the inside skirt.  The balusters are pre-finished pine 1 1/4 inches on a side.  The railing is beech.  The owner intends to give the railing a dark stain and to paint the rest.







April 28, 2012

Bathroom Done Over

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I just recently finished this bathroom.  I had to tear up the old shower base.  You might be able to see how damp the mortar is.  I always try to taper the base with shingles so that water drains into the small holes in the side of the drain.  I screw a single piece of 5/8″ underlayment over this and then have the plumber install a vinyl pan.  If there are no holes in the drain I drill some and surround them with either pebbles or tile spacers to allow the water in the mortar to drain out as well as the surface water.  I tiled the floor, the walls and the shower, and installed a 12 foot vanity.  The chandelier seen over the tub would be a code violation but it is not wired.   The owner had her heart set on having it there.

April 20, 2012

Fir Gutter

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Stainless screws


Lead Outlet

This is how I hang a fir gutter.  First, the outside is painted and the inside oiled with linseed oil. The lead outlets are placed in their holes and nailed in place into a mortise cut around the hole with a 3/8 chisel.  I use 1/2 inch brass annulated nails for this.  The heads are big enough to hold the lead down.  I use geocell caulk to seal them.  The gutter can be nailed with 16d galvanized spikes, but I prefer to use stainless 3″ screws.  They are adjustable and easier to get into the space between the gutter and the roof.  I screw with an impact driver into the rafter tail.  The screws are placed into a predrilled hole and a 1/4 inch spacer made of pvc is tacked to the back of the gutter where the rafters are.

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